Cooling and Heating System Maintenance in Horsham, PA

If you want to enjoy a comfortable property year-round, the best way to do this is with a proactive cooling and heating maintenance program. Rossi Mechanical Services will come to your Horsham, PA, home or business and provide the necessary cooling and heating system maintenance.

What Does Our Maintenance Include?

We will look over the entire system and provide services like testing and adjusting gas pressure and furnace safety controls, repairing minor leaks, lubricating all necessary parts, inspecting venting and gas parts, inspecting all electrical parts, inspecting refrigerant, cleaning condenser coils, evaluating carbon monoxide levels, and replacing filters.

All of these can ensure your HVAC system works well and won’t break down. And if we do notice anything out of the ordinary, we will bring it to your attention immediately and get to work so you don’t have to worry.

Plus, with our maintenance plan, you enjoy priority status, maintain your warranty, and have a high-performing HVAC system all year long. You won’t even have to worry about remembering when to schedule. We will send you reminders, and you can easily schedule your appointment by email, phone, or text.

Please call or text us at (215) 657-4577 or reach out online to learn more about our maintenance plan.